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History of the SAQCC (Fire)

The Department of Labour (DOL) regulated the fire extinguisher servicing industry in 1996 by incorporating into the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA Act85 of 1993), through a notice in Government Gazette # 17468, the following regulation.

  • No user shall use, require or permit the use of hand held fire extinguishers unless designed, constructed, filled, recharged, reconditioned, modified, repaired, inspected or tested in accordance with a safety standard incorporated into these regulations in terms of section 44 of the Act.
  • No person shall fill, recharge, recondition, modify, repair, inspect or test any hand held fire extinguisher unless a holder of a permit issued by the South African Bureau of Standards in terms of SABS 1475.

This resulted in the following amendments to SABS 1475 Part 1. The production of reconditioned fire-fighting equipment. Portable and wheeled (mobile) rechargeable fire extinguishers.

  • SABS 1475 Part 1 1998 par 3.18.2 Registered Person - A person who has acceptable qualifications , training and experience with regard to fire extinguishers and is accountable for the effective reconditioning of rechargeable portable fire extinguishers in terms of this part of SABS 1475 (see clause 8 and table 3) and who has been approved and registered by SAQCC (Fire) South African Qualifications and Certification Committee.
  • SABS 1475 Part 1 1998 par 5.1.2 Extent of reconditioning – Reconditioning of a fire extinguisher shall ensure that the extinguisher is restored to full and effective operational readiness and complies with the requirements of the original manufacturer.
  • SABS 1475 Part 1 1998 par 8.2 Registration of registered person – The registered person shall be registered and approved by the SAQCC (Fire) and shall carry proof of such registration.

This resulted in a meeting at the SABS on the 19th February 1998 and all SABS mark holders were invited. A working group from the fire industry and other associated parties held a number of meetings throughout the year, during which basic structures for an interim constitution, training standards and registration procedures were developed.

An SAQCC (Fire) Committee from representatives of DOL, SABS, The Fire Fighting Equipment Traders Association (FFETA), Industrial Fire Traders Association (IFTA), SAESI and other interested parties from the Fire Industry was then established.

An SAQCC (Fire) constitution was drafted and ratified (a copy of which can be viewed by clicking here) on 4th August 1999.

For further information, contact SAQCC-Fire on tel. 011 455-3157.


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