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The South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC) Fire is an industry-elected body, established to ensure that servicing and maintenance of fire protection equipment is conducted according to the specifications laid out in SANS 1475 and, more importantly, that technicians have the correct training, qualifications and experience.

Following a directive given to the SAQCC-Fire by the Department of Labour, an additional SAQCC-fire detection and gas suppression committee was set upto establish and implement procedures for the qualification and certification of authorised persons in order to ensure safety, quality of work and high standards of excellence within the industry.

SAQCC-Fire works closely with the SABS and DOL to ensure standards are met and technicians and servicing companies adhere to the law.

Recent News

  • Book now for JHB Road Show

    The Road Shows continue in Johannesburg on Saturday 21 October 2017.

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    Clarity on the BS 5045 cylinders

    Since our last communiqué regarding the BS 5045 cylinders, the industry at large still seems to be confused in identifying the correct non-conforming BS 5045 cylinders.

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    SAQCC Fire 1475’s Application to the QCTO for qualification recognition

    The SAQCC 1475’s application to the QTCO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations) to recognize and register the 1475 reconditioning as an occupation within the national framework had suffered a minor setback, as the 1475 scope could not be registered by itself . Promising news however, is that it has been agreed 1475 can be been included with D & GS.

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    Training on external Cartridge Type Extinguishers

    The SAQCC training committee has written to all training organizations in November last year requesting for them to submit information as to how they currently conduct training on external type cartridge fire extinguishers. Training companies have however not responded adequately and a second request had been made with a required deadline to submit their responses.

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