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CHANGE OF NAME ONLYRegistration form to be completed and submitted with everything requested.  Compent person letter to be issued but the “not entitled to service” would be removed from this letter.  This letter is required by the Certification Body in order to process the change of name.  However, no de-registration of the technician would take place and person should continue to use their old card until such time as the permit is issued in the new name. Copy of permit to  be supplied to  SAQCC Fire who would then amend all details and produce a new card. 
CHANGE OF NAME AND/OR OWNER, AND/OR ADDRESSThis to be dealt with as a “New Company” see above
NEW PREMISES FOR A WORKSHOPShould the competent person move with the Workshop and have a new address and contact details, a re-registration form would need to be completed and returned to ensure SAQCC Fire had correct details.  Once the revised permit was issued, this to be submitted to SAQCC Fire so a new card could be completed with the amended details.