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New training category/registration

SAQCC Fire 1475 approved a proposal at the February meeting to establish a new registration category for persons offering the 1475 training course.

This means that a person might apply to be registered as a trainer, without having to register as a 1475 competent person as well. This will restrict such a person to being allowed to ONLY do training and NOT being able to execute the responsibilities of a competent person as per the definition of SANS 1475. This person will thus not be required to be employed by a SANS 1475 permit holder.

Furthermore, a procedure was approved whereby such a registered trainer would be allowed to be employed by the registered SAQCC approved training organisation on a permanent basis, or employed on a limited contractual as and when required.

The following procedure will apply if the registered card holder (limited Contract Only) is used for training off registered site:

  1. Forward details of proposed workshop to be used with contact person details to the administration office
  2. Enter details of trainer to be used
  3. Administration office will write to the SANS 1475 Company requesting an affidavit in respect of use of tooling, workshop facilities etc.
  4. Company to confirm to the administration office in writing with affidavit to point 3
  5. Administration office to confirm to trainer that the SANS 1475 workshop facility has been approved for use
  6. This approval is valid for 6 MONTHS from date of approval letter
Training institutions which have registered their training personnel for the current 2019-2020 period do not have to make any changes for their current registration, but the new category will be available for the 2020/2021 registration period. Should such training personnel also want to register as a 1475 competent person, they would then have to do two registrations ie for the trainer category AS WELL AS the 1475 competent person category.

Should you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact this office.

Note: The trainer could be an independent not employed by any company offering themselves as a trainer/moderator/assessor.



Gas Suppression Assessments

Email for Gas Suppression assessment forms

JOHANNESBURG: Assessments will be held on the below mentioned dates if a minimum of 10 people attend
29th September 2018
27th October 2018
24th November 2018

OTHER REGIONS: Dates will be provided on availability of Assessment Centre


Development of Occupational Profile: members invited to comment

The Occupational Qualification: Fire Fighting Equipment Technician (Special Class Electrician, Fire Detection System Designer) Curriculum Code: 2015-672107-001 is currently being developed by external consultant Leoni Mackenzie. Members are invited to comment/provide feedback on the draft document, which may be downloaded by clicking here.

Please send any feedback or comments directly to Leoni at and she will incorporate these into the document where relevant. All comments must reach her before 8 August 2018.

We will be developing the Knowledge, Practical and Workplace Modules soon.


SAQCC-Fire AGM takes place

Our AGM took place in our new permanent offices in Helvetia House on 7 June 2018, during which committees were elected to serve the Executive, 1475 and Fire Detection and Gas Suppression. Please click here to view all committee members. New Outgoing Chairman, Tom Dreyer, reminded members of the purpose of the Institution, and touched on the committee's efforts to establish a formal qualification for registered persons. His full report make be accessed by clicking here.

Nominations 2018

Mr. Brett Jones, the independent appointed returning officer has scrutinised the nominations – in the presence of the Administration Manager - and has made the following determination:

Nominations for Directors
To be voted on at the AGM – 7th June 2018 – in alphabetical order
Nichola Allan
Duncan Boyes
Brett Birch
Tom Dreyer
Matt Kielty
Ivan Radmore
Caid Schoeman
Laura Swart

Note: 4 Invalid nominations received:
Nhamo Badza - No proposer or seconder – or signature/date
Meshack Gabeni - Unsigned
Thalakele Nkambule - No proposer or seconder
Keith Norgate - Name spelt incorrectly and signature undated
Ruling by returning officer: The above nominations are invalid for the purpose of the election.

Nominations for SAQCC Fire -1475 Sub committee
No vote necessary sub-committee to select office bearers at the AGM
Ben Badenhorst
Nhamo Badza
Duncan Boyes
John Caird
Lizl Davel
Tom Dreyer
Meshak Gabeni
Pragasen Govender
Ian Gouws
Wayne Hardie
Kasval Naicker
Johan Pretorius
Ivan Radmore
Caid Schoeman
JJ Scholtz
Belinda van der Merwe
Astrid Wright

Nominations for SAQCC Fire – D&GS Sub committee
No vote necessary sub-committee to select office bearers at the AGM
Nichola Allan
Duncan Boyes
Sarah Clayton
Nicholas Collins
Johannes Davel
Clive Foord
Jim Grant
Wayne Hardie
Matt Kielty
Shane Nefdt
Vairaag Panchoo
Ivan Radmore
Charles Thiongo
Hanlie Truter

Note: Two invalid nominations received
Charles Harris - He has not signed or dated the form
Keith Norgate - Name spelt correctly this time but not dated

Ruling by Returning officer: The above nominations are invalid for the purpose of the election.

Please click here to download the RSVP/PROXY form


SACAS – (South African Certification and Auditing Service) - given the approval by the DOL

SACAS is a South African-registered company that specializes in the certification of companies, including first and second party auditing.

SACAS is now approved by the Department of Labour in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993 to carry out the prescribed functions in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065:2012 and guidelines in ISO/IEC 17067:2013, SANS 1475-1 under the pressure vessel regulation 19, as a Certification Body.

The SAQCC is in possession of an approval letter issued by the DOL and have welcomed the new role player in the market. Similar to the SABS, SACAS is recognized as a certification body approved by the chief inspector and is authorized to issue 1475 permits.


Discipline and complaint issues to be directed correctly

Members of the SAQCC disciplinary sub- committee have been receiving calls from complainants who have been following up on previous disciplinary cases where illegal servicing is said to be continuing. It must be noted that the disciplinary subcommittee members have the right not to divulge any information if not channeled accurately. Any problems or concerns regarding discipline and complaints should not be addressed to the disciplinary committee directly but rather through the chairperson or administrator and only then will it be addressed correctly.

Any complaint / discussion must be addressed in writing through the Chairperson; complaints must be made in writing on the correct form with all relevant documentation. Complaint forms can be downloaded from the SAQCC website.

The administration office advise that numerous telephone calls are received complaining about technicians and companies. However, it must be pointed out very clearly, that nothing can be done unless the complaint is submitted in writing, on the correct form with accompanying traceable evidence.


Non- compliant Fire extinguishers imported without approvals

The SAQCC technical sub-committee chairman, informed the SAQCC that companies are continuing to import extinguishers without the necessary approvals. The SAQCC Fire-1475 has again forwarded the information to the DOL requesting action. The 1475 chairperson noted huge concern as our previous newsletters addressed the PER requirements and specifically that all fire extinguishers MUST be approved. The control over imported extinguishers was also discussed by the SANAS STC at which the DOL is represented.

Technicians are warned not to sell, distribute or recondition non-accredited extinguishers and product. Approved products can be viewed on the SABS website and for ease of reference the SAQCC website does feature a direct link to the SABS website on all approved products.