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Gas Suppression Designers, Commissioners and Installers: Note that in terms of the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) issued in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act all inert gas fire suppression systems that involved enclosed pipe sections, such as at diverter systems, must be signed off by an Authorised Inspection Authority (AIA).


IMPORTANT NOTICE! QCTO – Occupational profiling meeting


As a possible stakeholder in the above, you are invited to attend or send a representative to the Occupational Profiling meeting which will take place on 6th February 2018. Representatives should be familiar with the knowledge and skills required by individuals in this industry. SAQCC Fire is appointed as the Development Quality Partner by the QCTO and is therefore responsible for arranging this meeting.

Venue: The Lake Club - 1 Lakefield Avenue, Benoni
Time: 10am

The qualifications relate to the design, commissioning, installation and maintenance of Fire Suppression-related equipment. Design is limited to design of systems which conform to regulations, national standards and local government bylaws.

QTCO Qualification Development facilitators, Christoph Vorwerk and Leonie Mckenzie will be facilitating the session and will be covering the following:

  • A brief overview of the QCTO process
  • Role of the three working groups
  • Proposed development priorities and outline of project plan
  • Profile – to review and finalize the work done at the first workshop and subsequent meetings
You are welcome to pass this on to anyone you believe should be included but it would be appreciated if you could forward their contact details to the SAQCC Fire so that it can be followed up with them.
To facilitate space and catering purposes, it is important to advise the SAQCC offices of who will be attending before 12 noon on Friday 2nd February 2018. There will unfortunately be no admittance without booking due to the logistics of organising such a meeting.

SAQCC offices can be reached via email on / or via telephone on +27 11 455 31457.


Increase in Registration Fees:

A 5% increase on registration fees has been tabled for 2018. Careful consideration was taken in the decision and the need for the increase was driven by the substantial cost that will be incurred as a result of the QTCO process- a cost that is necessary to ensure that the occupation of fire technician is recognized and registered under the national framework .The current increase of 5% as agreed by committee is in line with current CPI being 5.2%.

WATCH OUT FOR THE RENEWAL INVOICES WHICH WILL BE EMAILED TO ALL COMPANIES DURING JANUARY! Remember, it is your responsibility to renew your card regardless of whom pays the bill!! No proof of payment will result in no card being issued.

Renewal/Re-registration cost 2018: R790
New registration (less whatever was paid when registered as a trainee) cost 2018: R1120
Trainee Registration cost 2018: R560


Road Shows 2017

The final leg of the national road shows, held at the Benoni country club in Johannesburg proved to be a huge success in all regards. Feedback from attendees was that it was one of the best road shows from the viewpoint of up skilling. Johannesburg recorded the highest attendance of all the road shows this year. Well done Johannesburg!
The road shows take a huge effort in rolling it out successfully , presentation , co-ordination and logistics is a mammoth task so a very big thank you goes out to all who contributed in making the shows such a success this year!
Technicians, be on the lookout on the SAQCC Facebook page for your pictures at the road show – go and tag yourself.


News Flashes

Amendments to the SAQCC manual: the SAQCC operations manual has been reviewed and amended accordingly to include the ongoing changes in the industry. Details of the amendments will be displayed on the website and sent out to all training centres to insert at the front of each manual prior to handing out to the students.

Revision of standards: SANS 1475 part 2 is undergoing revision and a proposal was made to include the servicing of underground fire hydrants.

Tool box talks: 2 additional tool box talks have been added to the website, it includes the service and maintenance of underground fire hydrants and oxidizing equipment. Technicians are again urged to consult these tool box talks to assist with on job training.

Securex expo : Good news is that Rosemary Cowan, our SAQCC Fire administrator has managed to obtain a stand at this year’s show as well as a spot at the seminar theatre where a free presentation will be given to the end user by the SAQCC Vice Chairman, Mr Duncan Boyes . More news to follow in our next newsletters.


Disciplinary report

Forged SAQCC Fire registration card – Disciplinary action is being taken against an individual who allegedly forged his SAQCC registration card. Due to the seriousness of the matter the SAQCC committee has the right to open a fraud charge with the SAPS against the individual.

Disciplinary committee report back: Mr Radmore from the SAQCC disciplinary committee said it was quite clear from the disciplinary hearings conducted over the past several months , that technicians are not familiar with their respective standards, especially in the application of the standards and practical applications.


Important reminders

  • ANNUAL RENEWAL: Invoices will be emailed during January. All cards expire at the end of February and if still not renewed by 31st March, you will be automatically de-registered. Proof of payment must be provided to ensure your card can be produced and your registration continue.
  • TRAINEES: All existing trainees have completed their five day course prior to their registration. It is therefore important to remember they can be registered as authorised competent persons immediately, once their six months on the job training has been completed! PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN AUTOMATIC PROCESS and you must apply for the necessary forms from the Administration Office. If left for longer than 24 months – registration as a trainee will be cancelled and the whole process would have to start again.
  • CHANGE OF CONTACT DETAILS: Please ensure you inform us of any change in cell phone number or email address as we are using these forms of communication and no longer relying on the post office. It is essential that we are able to keep you informed.
  • WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE: Please visit the website and facebook page regularly as we are using these to keep you informed and up to date as well as advise you with regard to the road shows as and when they happen.